"If you aren't fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm!"-Vince Lombardi

About Terry

Terry Jackson, a Training/Marketing and Management Specialist in multifamily properties, has more than sixteen years of experience in the property management industry. Terry's creative marketing skills and superior management abilities have won her numerous awards including Apartment Associations' prestigious Award of Excellence. She demonstrates her ingenuity and expertise through the exploration and implementation of alternative marketing methods for which she received TAA'S Marketing Director of the Year Award.

Passionate, inspiring, energetic, motivating, and humorous – these are words most frequently used to describe Terry Jackson. She is known as the speaker with endless energy! Terry helps a company build their teams, create positive points of contacts with their customers, and above all inspires people to excel. Terry is known as the success coach because she helps to maintain commitment. Attendees learn how to achieve greater performance and true success through her real-world style of teaching.

Terry has a down to earth relatable approach of dynamic speaking that engages the audience and keeps them on the edge of their seats. Whether your teams need support in reaching goals, improving customer service, or recognizing their personal power, Terry delivers. She earned her stripes in the arena that counts most, "the trenches”. She is a nationally recognized speaker with a proven track record for success.

Terry worked her way up the corporate ladder and now embraces her passion for guiding other professionals to attain their full potential. She serves on the board of education for the Houston Apartment Association and trains fellow industry specialists towards their respective CAM, NALP, and CAPS designations across the nation. Terry is a frequent facilitator and speaker at the Brainstorming and NAA conferences and is a published author as well.

She is a two time graduate of the Dale Carnegie Leadership course, where she was recognized as an Outstanding Performer and sharpened her interpersonal skills.  She is the recipient of numerous commendations from Owners, Supervisors, and onsite professionals who have attended her training classes. Terry inspires, motivates, and encourages her students to outshine, outclass, and surpass their competition.

Rave Reviews:

"In a field of industry trainers that can sometimes be indistinguishable, Terry brings to her sessions a refreshing honesty with a candid, to-the-point training style that our members have really enjoyed this year. Terry is a total pro!"

- Emily Hilton, Director of Education/Houston Apartment Association

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